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Dominic is an experienced photographer and can create beautiful headshots both in the studio and in natural light. 

As an actor, he understands what the actor's headshot needs to do, and also how to bring the best out of his subject.... knowing that often even actors who are incredibly comfortable and relaxed in front of a movie or tv camera - sometimes feel inhibited in front of the portrait photographer.

Actor's Headshots

John McAndrew


IMG_0119-ExposureJMc 1JMac round 2.jpg
IMG_0087-ExposureJMc 1JMac round 2.jpg
IMG_0064-ExposureJMc 1JMac round 2.jpg

Matthew Butler Hart

Actor and film director

Matthew Butler Hart 1
Matthew Butler Hart 2
Matthew Butler Hart 3

Matt Flynn


Matt Flynn 1
Matt Flynn 2
Matt Flynn 3

Dan Fredenburgh

Actor and writer

Dan Fredenburgh 1
Dan Fredenburgh 2
Dan Fredenburgh 3
She’s stumbled into a JG Ballard story.jpg
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Sunset on the River Sava, Belgrade.jpg
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